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Woodworm White Lightning Road Racing Bike

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Woodworm White Lightning Road Racing Bike GearWoodworm White Lightning Road Racing Bike

Woodworm White Lightning Road Racing Bike is built for the open road. The Woodword road bike is in the class of cheap road bikes. According to road bike reviews, Woodword road bike features a lightweight frame that is both durable and strong. When the bike is on the road, it performs well. The bike was truly built for speed and performance. Woodword road bike features components from quality manufacturers such as Shimano, Zoom and KMC.

Woodworm White Lightning road bike was built to meet the EN 14766 safety standards. This bike ensures the construction is quality enough to prevent accidents due to malfunctions. Any person who buys cheap road bikes without this qualification will run the risk of suffering an accident when traveling fast downhill or when in traffic. These accidents could prove fatal.

Price: £399.99
Sale: £169.99
You Save: £230.00





• Frame – Frame with Steel Suspension
• Wheels — Alloy rims
• Safety Features– Reflectors, Bell and Pedal Reflectors
• Gears — 18 Speed Shimano
• Gear Shifters — Falcon
• Brakes — Front and Rear V Brake
• Forks – Steel 700c, ZOOM Suspension Fork
• Kickstand — Middle Steel Kickstand
• 17 inch Frame or 18.5 inch Frame
• 24 inch Wheels or 26 inch Wheels
• Chain – KMC Z33
• Shifter – Shimano, Front Derailleur (Three Speed), Rear Derailleur (Six Speed)
• Stem – ZOOM Alloy
• Grips – Black EVA


The Woodworm White Lightning Road Racing Bike is built primarily for riders between the heights of five feet and nine inches and six feet and one inch. To make the ride more comfortable when traveling over rough terrain, a dual suspension frame is included. Even though the Woodworm is in the cheap road bikes class, the bike shifts smoothly and has incredible control. The 18-Speed Shimano gears facilitate this process.

The brakes meet safety standards. The powerful front and rear brakes help bikers stop fast. Many bikers are seeking responsiveness in cheap road bikes. The MTB Style saddle has a quick release mechanism for quick adjustments, removal and assembly.

The handlebar height is also adjustable. The handlebar also features soft grip technology to allow for a more comfortable ride. The tyres perform well on all terrains and have superior tread. The tyres perform well on the road and off the road.

Customer Thoughts:

The Woodworm White Lightning road bike is lightweight and lean compared to its competitors. Avid cyclers enjoy the streamlined version of this bike. Streamlined versions are aerodynamic and shave seconds off of a cyclers’ time on trails and other cycling surfaces. The bike is durable and satiates most bikers desire to reach incredible speeds. Even after considerable wear and tear, the bike will withstand considerable long distance training.

As the bike travels over tough terrain, the steel suspension absorbs the bumps. This prevents injuries related to long distance biking. Bikers will barely feel most bumps in the road.

Shimano, KMC and Zoom are the quality components featured on the bike. Many consumers enjoy Shimano products and prefer them for biking preferences. Not only does the bike operate well, the double wall alloy rims improve the visual appearance of the bike.

The bike is white. This is preferred by many cyclers but may show dirt easier than most. Though the bike is white, it withstands corrosion because of the quality paint.

White is a safe and reflective color for cycling in the evening. Reflectors, bells and pedal reflectors are also included in the standard bike package. Many cheap road bikes do not consider these options. Bikers will be visible by others when biking in non-ideal conditions. In fact, the Woodworm is one of the safest bikes available in this price range. Safety is important for cyclists in any environment.

Hills are handled with ease when bikers use the full capability of the 18-speed Shimano gear shifters. Riders can change the gears to improve the ease of traveling up hills when other bikers are walking their bikes up hills. Numerous gears are not required in most areas, but the gears can be helpful in rural areas where the terrain is not flat. Downhill travel is also easy with Shimano gear shifters.

Consumers have a choice between 24 inch wheels and 26 inch wheels. The wheel size improves the cyclers ride and also the appearance of the bike. Woodworm road bike is a good entry level investment for cyclers.


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