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Viking Road FX Single Speed Fixie Race Bike

Cheap Road Bikes Reviews

Viking road bike fx wheelViking-Road-FX-handlebarviking road fx wheel sizeViking Road Fx Single Speed GearViking Road FX Single Speed Fixie Race BikeViking Road FX Single Speed Fixie Race Bike

The Viking FX is one of the cheap road bikes available to consumers. The Viking Road FX Single Speed Fixie Race Bike allows bikers to enjoy a leisurely ride or engage in fitness activities. This bike is available in a high gloss black which is visually appealing to onlookers and fans of Viking FX. This single speed bike is recommended for city travel and other non-challenging terrain. Viking FX is customizable to a biker’s preferences and will enhance the biker’s experience.

The Viking FX is a popular choice for people in search of solid and cheap road bikes. According to road bike reviews, the Viking FX is highly regarded among the industry and has numerous features to appeal to the purchasing public. Some popular features include: Dual pivot brakes for added security, double-sided flip-flop rear hub and fixed gear or freewheel options. The price is reduced. This makes the Viking FX even more attractive.

Viking Road FX Single Speed Fixie Race Bike

Viking Road FX Single Speed Fixie Race Bike

Price: £239.99

Sale: £179.95

You Save: £60.04 (25%)

Road Bike Reviews


• Model Type – Single Speed Race Frame
• Construction – Hi-Ten Steel
• Forks – Hi-Ten Steel with Tapered Blades
• Wheel Size – 700c with 23c Kenda Tyres
• Frame Size – 56 cm
• Gear System – 44 Tooth Alloy Chain Ring, 16 Tooth Fixed Sprocket, 18 Tooth Freewheel
• Wheel Specification – Viking Rock 700c Alloy Rims, Machined Braking Surfaces, JoyTech Flip Flop Ally Track Hubs
• Brakes – Alloy Dual Pivot Callipers, Alloy Road Brake Levers
• Handlebar – Zoom Stem
• Stem – 44 cm Drop Handlebar
• Chain – White KMC Chain, Chain Tugs
• Saddle – White Vader Race Saddle
• Frame Colour – Black Fork
• Colour — Black


The Viking FX is an attractive bike finished in high gloss black with a Vader white saddle. A white KMC chain is also included as a contrast to the high gloss black finish. Consumers in search of cheap road bikes are often looking for a lightweight bike, fast and simple. The Viking FX meets all these criteria.

The Viking is shipped 90 percent assembled. The consumer is responsible for inflating tyres and fitting pedals. The stem, front wheel, handlebars, front brake cable, saddle and seatpost must be assembled upon arrival. The brakes will require some adjustment prior to using the bike. The assembly process takes approximately 20 minutes.


Customer Thoughts:

Customers enjoy the ability to use this bike for leisure. Steering capability is improved with skinny tyres. The mud guards are useful on the days when water is on the road. Even with a fixed gear or single speed, the Viking FX manages to climb hills. The bike is not as efficient as some of the multiple speed cheap road bikes when climbing hills, but it manages to beat out its competitors. Some of owners of competitor single speed bikes are often seen walking their bikes up a hill instead of cycling.

Many competitors enjoy the experience of cycling backwards and the fun associated with the experience. One owner remarked the experience made him feel like a five year old kid. Downhill travel can be kind of intimidating, but most owners enjoy the control of the bike at the slow speeds.

The Viking FX is one of the cheap road bikes offering a heavy steel frame. One consumer cycles 150 miles per week through London. The bike is customizable so owners may change the saddle, sprocket, cranks, bars, pedals and brakes. People who enjoy assembly and customization will find this bike pleasurable.

Many consumers had reported completing 50 mile trips with this bike. The bike is designed to withstand up to 20 miles per hour on flat surfaces. The bike is incredibly durable. Even if a biker travels over 100 miles per week, the Viking Road FX only requires minimal equipment replacements. More than likely, the chain, brake pads and ball bearings will require replacement. As preventative maintenance, the ball bearings should be re-greased and tightened periodically.

People who want a bike with no changes should not use this bike. This bike is for the individual who prefers customization and will make chances to their preferences. Many users have switched to freewheel from fixed gear. Others have replaced sprockets, cranks and pedals to enhance the biking experience. Bikers should not be intimidated by this type of bike but embrace the ability to make changes. Cheap road bikes with customizable parts are preferable to many bikers.

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