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Track Fixed Gear Single Speed Road Bike


TRACK FIXED GEAR BIKE FIXIE SINGLE SPEED ROAD BIKETrack Fixed Gear Single Speed Road Bike GearTrack Fixed Gear Single Speed Road Bike HandlebarTrack Fixed Gear Single Speed WheelTrack Fixed Gear Single Speed Road Bike White

The Track Fixed Gear road bike is a great introductory single-speed or fixed-gear bike according to cheap road bikes reviews. The bike is well-constructed and features no logo or graphics. The frame and fork are made of hi-ten steel, and the post and stem are made of alloy. The bike features both front and rear brakes. To convert from single speed to fixed gear, a simple flip of the rear wheel is required. The flip-flop rear hub makes this simple conversion possible. As far as cheap road bikes are concerned, this particular bike is desirable because it is low cost and easy to service.


• Frame – Steel Fixed Gear
• Frame – Single Speed with Water Bottle Mounts
• Wheels –Double-Walled Wheels, CNC-machined sides
• Rear Hub – Freewheel with Flip-Flop Hub or Fixed Hub
• Tire Size – 700c x 25c


Track Fixed Gear cheap road bikes are ready-to-ride after assembly but are recommended for people who can make adjustments. The assembly process only requires three simple tools. Small pliers are required to adjust the brakes to the needs of each rider of Tracked Fixed Gear cheap road bikes. The drop bars are ergonomically designed but will require adjustments to meet the specific needs of each biker.

Though the brakes, peddles, handlebars and saddle may require replacement for maximum comfort in the lifetime of the bike, the bike is fully functional. Most purchasers of Track Fixed Gear bikes have commented that the brakes, saddle, peddles and handlebars feel cheap. Many bikers upgrade these items to allow for a more comfortable ride.

Brakes may require some tweaking and adjustment to meet the needs of bikers. The brakes and the bike are fairly responsive after minor adjustments. Someone who travels down steep inclines daily may want to upgrade to more substantial brakes for additional protection. Otherwise, the brakes deliver good performance.

Track Fixed Gear cheap road bikes are designed to provide a smooth ride. Most Track Fixed Gear owners have successfully mastered hills and achieved an excellent workout. Owners who are in moderate to good shape will receive the best results when using the bike for exercise purposes. Many owners have recommended Track Fixed Gear Bike road bikes for building muscle definition and achieving an aerobic workout. Track Fixed Gear bikes are recommended for people who desire an introductory sport bike and have the ability to upgrade.

Aesthetically, Track Fixed Gear bikes feature a nice paint job, but the paint scratches easily. Over time, the scratches become visible and unattractive. Paint may require refreshing at some point over the bike’s lifetime. Most bikers, however, appreciate the logo-free design for a sleeker appearance.

Overall, this is a good bike for the price listed. The number of features offered is congruent with the price. Though many users would prefer more upgrades, this is a good choice for the cheap road bike class.


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