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Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

Cheap Road Bikes

Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road BikeTakara Kabuto Single Speed Road BikeTakara KabutoBikeTakara Kabuto Road BikeTakara Kabuto Single Speed

Road bike reviews are a great way to learn about cheap road bikes. The Takara Kabuto is a single speed road bike designed with the budget buyer in mind. The design can withstand the intensity of a triathlon or recreational fitness. The bike is constructed of a steel frame. Even if the bike is exposed to the elements, it is designed to resist corrosion. The bike is perfectly designed for people between five feet and eight inches and six feet. Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike comes highly recommended.

Specifications for the Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike:

• Weight — 29.5 pounds
• Steel frame
• Steel Fork
• Alloy Rims
• Alloy Hub
• Fork — Tig Welded 1 inch Threaded
• Handlebar — Steel Road 42.5cm wide
• Stem — Alloy Quill
• Brakes — Alloy Side Pull
• Frame — Tig Welded Steel Frame
• Crank — Steel 3-piece Steel Chain Ring
• Bottom Bracket — Loose Ball and Cone
• Kickstand — Steel
• Bar Tape — Cork
• Pedals — Alloy Cage
• Rims — Alloy Singlewall Stainless Steel Spoke
• Hub Rear — Joytech Alloy Freewheel and Fix Gear
• Hub Front — Joytech Alloy High Flange
• Tires — Kenda Yellow 700 x 32
• Seat Collar — Alloy
• Seatpost — Steel 25.4

Review of Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike:

Many people find the black finish of the Takara Kabuto to be extremely attractive. The Kenda tires add to the profile of the bike. Many cheap road bikes designers do not pay attention to the details. Takara Kabuto’s designers ensure the bike is highly functional and also visually appealing. Many onlookers are impressed by the sleek design. Most people get more than one comment while riding in the park or on their way to work. Style is equally as important as functionality with Takara Kabuto.

Compared to other cheap bikes, Takara Kabuto has incredible suspension and absorbs the shocks on the road. Even on uneven terrain, bikers will not feel the bumps compared to other cheap road bikes. This is recommended to avoid back problems and other aches associated with bike riding. Many bike riders ride on uneven terrain daily and need shock absorbers to avoid costly medical conditions.

Customer Thoughts:

To be in a class a class of cheap road bikes, this bike is considered sturdy and durable. The bike only requires basic tools for assembly. Most people can complete assembly within 10 minutes. Most users consider the bike is “affordable, high quality and stylish.” The bike is slightly heavier than most, but it offers a smooth and fast ride.

Many users like the “flip-hub” feature. This feature gives the option of riding in fixed gear. People who live in hilly areas may want to consider another type of bike designed to handle this type of terrain. The tires on the bike are typically bigger than road bike tires. Customers remark they are a cross between road tires and other tires. The tires can be filled to between 80 PSI and 120 PSI. Eighty PSI is the maximum pressure, but many bikers exceed the limit and ride safely.

One customer compared his Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike to a $4,000 bike. After the comparison, the customer decided he was more satisfied with his bike with the exception of a few features. The Takara Kabuto features steel frames and weighs more than some other bikes, but it is great for riding to work or school.

The bike is perfect for beginners. Many people argue there is not a better bike for the price offered. Some people also complain about the single gear side. When spinning backwards, the gear felt rough. The pedals also may click when on the fixed gear side. The bike is designed for someone who is five feet and eight inches tall or taller. Many people of this height commented the bike was almost too tall for them.

The overall quality of the bike compared to cheap road bikes is great. Most people would recommend this bike to other people. The brakes are slightly soft, but most people do not notice. Some users did not like the pedal straps, but recommend them. There were not many disadvantages to purchasing this bike.

2 Responses to Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

  1. Mike stevens says:

    infomative post. keep up the nice work.

  2. evan says:

    Your site informed me of this bike and after a little additional research, I decided to get it. Thanks!

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