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Schwinn Men’s Prelude Bicycle

Cheap Road Bikes

Schwinn-Mens-Prelude BicycleSchwinn Mens Prelude BicycleSchwinn MenSchwinn MenSchwinn MenSchwinn Men

The Schwinn Men’s Prelude Bike is recommended to consumers for commuting or fitness. Schwinn Prelude is in the cheap road bikes category, but has some features that will rival the more expensive bikes. According to some road bike reviews, the bike is responsive. This is in part due to the A050 shifters present on the bike.

The aluminum road frame features drop handle bars and what is described as a “forgiving” road fork. Compared to other cheap road bikes, this 14-speed bike can reach incredible speeds. Bikers can use the included clips and pedal straps to keep the feet on the pedals. When every aspect of the bike is aligned, efficiency can be increased. Dual pivot brakes, alloy levers, a Schwinn road saddle and a kickstand can increase functionality of cheap road bikes like the Schwinn Prelude. The 700c alloy wheels are also coveted by bikers.


• 14-Speed
• Wheel Size — 700c
• Size — 55 Inches
• Aluminum Drop Bar Road Frame
• Crank — Alloy 42/52-tooth Road Crank
• Bottom Bracket– Ball Bottom Bracket System
• Derailleur — Road Double
• Shifters — Bar Mounted Shimano
• Chain — Black KMC Z-51
• Tires — 700 x 25c Road
• Rim Size — 700C
• Rims — Alloy Rims
• Hubs — 36-hole QR Alloy Hubs
• Spokes — Black 14-gram Spokes
• Brake Levers — Alloy Road
• Handlebar — Road Shallow Drop
• Pedals — Road with Toe Clip and Strap
• Brakes — Dual Pivot Road
• Grips — Color Matched Foam Wrap
• Saddle — Schwinn Padded Road
• Stem — Schwinn Road Ahead
• Headset — 1 1/8-inch threadless
• Seatpost — 27.2 Alloy
• Color Matched Parts
• Clear Coated Paint and Graphics
• Toe Clips and Straps
• Kickstand


Schwinn is often one of the cheap road bikes of choice because it is easily upgradeable and serviceable. The Prelude is light-weight and durable. The wheels and frame are well-designed and constructive. Only under extreme exposure to rough terrain does the bike break down. The shifts are smooth and reliable.

The derailleur only works consistently on the lowest six gears, even though the bike is 14-speeds. The bike requires some effort to properly assemble and adjust the bike. Most people simply take the bike to the local bike store to avoid the frustration of assembling the bike.

Many owners of the Schwinn Men’s Prelude Bike consider the bike comparable to a $700 bike. Consumers prefer to pay $250 or less for this bike rather than investing $700 in another bike with only a few additional features. Cheap road bikes are plentiful, but Schwinn Men’s Prelude Bike is one of the best in its class.

Customer Thoughts:

Many people who have owned Schwinns and other brands have evaluated and compared the bike against others. For many people contributing to road bike reviews, Schwinn’s Prelude is a primary mode of transportation. Thus, it must be reliable, durable and fast.

An extensive bike rider rated a Schwinn Prelude. According to some road bike reviews, the bike’s balance is good. The padded handle bars help to make the ride more comfortable. Brake calipers help the bike to stop in a reasonable amount of time and also centers tires.

The seat height is controlled by a quick release button, and the paint appears durable. As the bike ages, it will continue to look like new because the paint does not peel or chip easily. Most people would buy the bike again if given the opportunity.

There are some drawbacks to owning some of the cheap road bikes such as the Schwinn Prelude. With the Schwinn Prelude, for instance, some bikers commented they had to brake in the lower position with the Schwinn Prelude rather than having full-range braking control. This limitation on cheap road bikes is not desirable. The 700c tires also cannot handle crossing rough terrain. For instance, crossing railroad tracks at fast speeds may be a challenge and result in flat tires. Tear-proof inner tubes are recommended to alleviate this problem.

Most customers comment nothing beats a bike for fitness and savings. Blood pressure is reduced by riding a bike, cholesterol is lowered and bike repairs cost $300 per year as opposed with $450 per month. Many people have decided to trade in their car for bikes on pleasant weather days.

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