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Schwinn Madison Single-Speed Road Bike

Schwinn Madison Single-Speed Road Bike

Schwinn Madison Single-Speed Road BikeSchwinn Madison Single-Speed Road BicycleSchwinn Madison Single-Speed Road Bike Frame

The Schwinn Madison single-speed road bike is an excellent choice in the cheap road bikes category. Schwinn Madison is easy to assemble and easy to ride. Only minor adjustments are required to get the bike to deliver optimal performances. People who commute long distances to work should consider the Schwinn Madison. Its light weight design makes it easy to store and achieve high speeds while commuting.


• Frame – Made of Chromoly
• Fork – Made of Alloy
• Crankset – Alloy Ring, 46T
• Shifters – None, Single-Speed
• Levers – Made by Promax
• Handlebar – Made of Alloy
• Stem – Made of Alloy
• Freewheel – 18-Tooth Freewheel
• Brakes – Made of Alloy with Dual Pivot Caliper
• Tires – Made by Kenda
• Seatpost – Made of Alloy
• Wheels – Flip Flop
• Chain – Made by KMC
• Pedals – Toe Clips made of Stainless Steel and a Body Made of Alloy
• Rear Rack Mounds – None Available


Many people who bike considerable distances in inclement weather will prefer single-speed bikes. When the conditions are wet, any distractions can lead to impending danger. The Schwinn Madison is recommended for commuting 10 or more miles daily in inclement weather. The bike is easy to assemble and maintain. The bike is also incredibly stylish and light weight.

The Schwinn Madison as featured on Amazon is purple and white. The bike’s paint is designed to withstand abuse from everyday use. To enhance its sleek appearance, manufacturers included retro decals. When cycling through the city, many people comment on the appearance of this incredible bike.

The bike can be ridden as a fixed gear or as a single speed. The adjustment is easy through the flip-flop hub. All other components of the bike are durable and made to withstand frequent use. The wheels, rims and crankset have all withstood the test of time on other Schwinn bikes similar to the Madison.

Though the bike comes equipped with some brand names standard, some aspects of the bike require upgrade. The current saddle is only comfortable for approximately a mile of riding. Most owners recommend upgrading the saddle for this reason. Long distance commuters will appreciate the upgrade.

Some people also change out the crankset. There have been reports of the pedals touching the front tire during pedaling. This could slow speeds, and the noise could be unbearable. Most people with this problem simply replace the crankset to avoid the problem.

Overall, the Schwinn Madison single-speed road bike is excellent for commuting. The bike is durable enough to last several years with no major repairs of problems. The bike can be ridden in all types of weather on smooth city terrain. The bike is a good value for the investment. Consider how the Schwinn Madison single-speed road bike can improve your daily commute or exercise regimen.

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