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Schwinn Exit Freewheel Single Speed Road Bike (700c Wheels)


Schwinn Exit Freewheel Single Speed Road BikeSchwinn Exit Freewheel Single Speed Road Bike PedalSchwinn Exit Freewheel Single Speed Road Bike Front Wheel

Schwinn’s Exit Freewheel single-speed road bike is light weight and fast according to cheap road bikes reviews. The light weight is due to its aluminum road frame and steel road fork. Weighing in at only 41 pounds, it accelerates fast over smooth terrain. The ergonomic design of drop handlebars allows bikers to position their bodies for minimal resistance. Schwinn’s Exit Freewheel cheap road bikes are equipped with a 16-tooth single-speed drivetrain. The front and rear brakes deliver excellent response times and short stopping distances. Schwinn’s Exit Freewheel cheap road bikes are stylish, easy to maintain and a joy to ride.


• Frame – Small Single-Speed Aluminum Road Frame
• Frame – Steel Road Fork
• Handle Bars – Drop Handlebars
• Drivetrain – 16-Tooth Single-Speed Drivetrain, Freewheel
• Brakes – Front Caliper Brakes and Rear Caliper Brakes
• Rims –36-Hole Color Rims, Matched and High-Profile


Schwinn’s Exit Freewheel cheap road bikes are recommended for a fast ride. The frame of Exit is small and not comfortable for many riders over six feet in height. Other selections may be more suitable for men of larger stature.

Schwinn’s Exit is easy to assemble and requires very little assistance. The tools are basic for assembly, and the instructions are easy to follow in the Schwinn manual. For the non-technically inclined, a bike shop is recommended for brake adjustments and handlebar adjustments.

The major benefit of Exit is its price, but many of the component materials are indicative of its cheaper price. Some users complained of Exit’s plastic components and desired higher quality, but most people found the bike a good buy for the money. Many users ride five to 10 miles on the bike with few issues. Most people desire to upgrade the handlebars, saddle and pedals for a more comfortable ride. Other riders also upgrade the brakes.

No flip-flop hub is present for the fixie mode. This is one disadvantage of the bike. Some users also comment that freewheel gear ratio is not optimal which is another disadvantage. Most users do not notice the absence of these features and find Exit affordable and adequate for daily use. In fact, most bikers rate the Schwinn Exit as excellent in the cheap road bikes class.

The physical appearance of Schwinn’s Exit is above average. Most people comment on its sleek styling and coloring. The paint is fairly durable and can withstand minor bumps. Many avid riders like to upgrade the styling while upgrading various parts of the bike. An addition of diamond wrapping with black and white tape or the addition of a white saddle can help to improve the visual appeal of the bike.

Rim strips are recommended to avoid flats on the back. Handlebars and stems may also require upgrading for the best results. Some people have reported a popping noise, but the problem is resolved by adding a small part. The part is recommended by Schwinn and does not require a significant investment to resolve the problem. In general, Schwinn is recommended as a good quality bike.


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