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Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike

Schwinn Discover Men's Hybrid Bike

Schwinn Discover MenSchwinn Discover MenSchwinn Discover Men

Experts and owners of the Schwinn Discovery bike recommend it for leisure riding or short commutes. The bike features 21 different speeds and easy-to-shift SRAM shifters. The shift changes are fast and smooth. The shifters are located near the upright handle bar for easy access and shifting during cycling. The seat is adjustable and padded. The suspension seat post is made to absorb shock as the bike rolls along the road. The aluminum frame is light weight and ideal for urban cycling. The suspension fork also plays a role in shock absorption. Overall, this bike is a good performing bike for the money.


• Fork – Suntour Suspension Fork, Shock Absorption
• Saddle – Padded
• Seat Post — Seat Post with Suspension
• Shifters – SRAM Grip
• Brakes – Promax Brand, Linear Pull Brakes, Alloy Material
• Handlebar – Upright Handlebars
• Rear Derailleur – Shimano Brand
• Carrier – Designed for Carrying Gear
• Fenders – Steel
• Cranks – Three-Piece, Suntour Brand, Alloy Material


The Schwinn Discovery Men’s hybrid bike is recommended for city biking. Many people prefer Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid bike because the bike does not appear high-end. The bike features many upgraded components but has an understated outward appearance. This understated appearance keeps the bike from being stolen. Many aluminum frame bikes are frequently stolen because the bikes are light weight and in high demand.

Schwinn Discover Men’s hybrid bike is affordable and can be upgraded to include more comfortable and safer components. Many people often replace the saddle for additional comfort and to lower the seating. The twist handle shifters are easy to adjust. Cyclers can achieve up to twenty one speeds with the Schwinn Discover. The front derailleur features three difference speeds on the left shifter. The rear derailleur features seven different speeds on the right shifter.

For the convenience of the cycler, the bike features a quick-release mechanism. The mechanism works for the front wheel. Fenders are present on the bike to prevent water from splashing on the cycler during inclement weather. The bike also features a rack for hauling packages. A basket can be added to increase the space for packages.

Overall, this is a great bike. The Schwinn Discover Men’s hybrid offers a smooth ride. This is mostly attributed to the shock-absorbing saddle post and the fork of the bike. The bike has superior suspension to handle the rough city terrain. The brakes are designed to stop quickly when something comes into its path. This is necessary when attempting to navigate the city’s terrain. Consider the Schwinn Discover for a future bike purchase.

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