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GMC Denali Women’s Road Bike


GMC Denali WomenGMC Denali WomenGMC-Denali-WomenGMC Denali Women

This lightweight aluminum GMC Denali women’s road bike is among the cheap road bikes class. Its 19.5-inch frame will accommodate most women with average body styles. Though cheap, this 21-speed women’s bike is built for fast speeds and smooth shift changes. As the bike races across the terrain, it looks impressive with the racing rims produced by Vitesse. Cyclers can reach incredible speeds with the high performance Kenda tires and can achieve short stopping distances with alloy calipers. Not only did the bike designer consider its performance, but the designer also considered special features such as water bottles to help the biker remain hydrated during the long bike rides.


• Frame – Aluminum Construction
• Fork – Steel Construction
• Stem – Aluminum Construction
• Handlebar – Maesbend
• Saddle or Seat – Black, Cionlli Brand
• Seat Post – Aluminum
• Pedals – Steel Cage, Plastic Body
• Weight – 29.0 pounds
• Tires – Kenda Brand Standard, Grey Band
• Rims – Vitesse Brand, Black Alloy Material
• Front Derailleur – Shimano Brand
• Rear Derailleur – Shimano Brand
• Crankset – Prowheel Brand, Alloy Material
• Shifters – Shimano Brand
• Brakes – Promax Brand, Alloy Material, Caliper Type


For a low-cost road bike, the performance is better than expected. The bike is responsive while cycling at high speeds. The Shimano shifters make it easy to shift gears while traveling on different terrain. The shifters are strategically placed on the top of the handlebars. Instead of the traditional shifters, these twist and grip shifters are easier to handle.

If a smooth ride is the focus, the hi-performance tires are designed to deliver. Designers of the GMC Denali selected materials to provide a bike that was ready to ride as soon as assembly was complete. Many people replace the seat on this bike to provide a more comfortable ride. After the seat is replaced, most people find that this is a great ride for the money.

The GMC Denali women’s road bike is safe and secure. Experts would recommend this bike to most women. Even the assembly is easy for women. The instructions are detailed and easy to follow. Some customers had problems removing the wheel without a special wrench, but this was not a universal complaint.

In general, most people only required a set of wrenches, scissors and a tire pump to fully assemble the bike. Compared to other bikes in its class, it is simple to assemble. The directions are easy to follow for brake adjustment. After the adjustment, the brakes are responsive and require no replacement to perform. GMC Denali women’s road bike is a good bike for the money.

Consider purchasing a GMC Denali women’s road bike. There are simply no other bikes in its class that are this affordable and sporty looking.

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