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Giordano Rapido Single Speed Road Bike


Giordano Rapido Single Speed Road BikeGiordano Rapido Single Speed Road Bike WheelGiordano Rapido Single Speed Road Bike Saddle

Giordano Rapido Single-Speed road bike is meant for city cycling. These cheap road bikes do not feature any advanced components that require constant adjustments, but Giordano bikes are customizable. Giordano Rapido has a flip-flop hub to give consumers the option of operating Giordano Rapido as a fixed gear or as a standard freewheel in single-speed mode. The durable steel frame is made of steel and is exactly what is necessary to withstand urban terrain. The Kenda tires and alloy wheels are designed to handle the imperfections of city roads. Once the bike is assembled, bikers will be ready for mid-range rides around the city.


• Frame – Welded Steel Frame
• Rims – Single-Walled 32-Hole Alloy Rims with Stainless Steel Spokes
• Rear and Front Hub – Joytech Alloy
• Tires – Kenda Black
• Brakes – Alloy Side Pull
• Hub – Rear Flip Flop
• Crank – Steel
• Pedals – Alloy Cage with Toe Clips
• Seat Collar – Alloy
• Seatpost – Made of Steel


Giordano Rapido Single Speed road bike is light weight and supports riders from five feet and eight inches to six feet. The bike weighs 29.5 pounds. The weight is less than most cheap road bikes in the industry. The light weight enables riders to reach fast speeds by aerodynamically moving through the air. If for any reason bikers have to lift the bike, it is significantly lighter than most because of its aluminum frame.

Many riders of bikes will use the alloy cage pedals to improve their cycling experience. Toe cages will prevent feet from slipping while cycling. This feature is important for people who are cycling significant distances. For the person who is cycling for exercise or only cycling one to two miles per day, this feature is less important. Most owners of these cheap road bikes will replace the pedals because they are disappointed with the construction and materials of the pedals.

Giordano Rapido cheap road bicycles often feature sub-standard quality saddles and seat post. These items can be replaced for a small amount of money. Giordano Rapido bikers also replace the bike’s brake lever and handle bars for a small fee. Even with the replacements bikers must make, the bike is still considered to be an excellent value. Experts recommend the Giordano Rapido road bike for its affordability and quality construction. Giordano Rapido is one of the most affordable bikes in its class.

Giordano Rapido is also attractive and aesthetically appealing. Many bikers enjoy its sleek design and bright colors. Some cyclers do not like the appearance of stickers on the bike. Any stickers found on the bike after shipment may be easily removed. Removal of stickers provides a sleeker appearance.

When compared to competitors, not many bikes perform as well as the Giordano Rapido. Giordano Rapido is one of the fastest and best value on the market. Some upgrades may be required, but any expense invested into these bikes is worth it.

Overall, Giordano Rapido road bikes are good bikes for city dwellers. Many cyclers recommend Giordano Rapido for travel to school, work or simply for recreational use.

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