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Vittesse Sprint 21-speed Alloy Racing Bike

Road Bikes Reviews

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Road bike reviews reveal that bikers have plenty of control over the Vittesse Sprint 21-Speed Alloy Racing Bike. This is made possible by the 21-Speed Shimano Gears and the rotational shifters. Vittesse is recommended for short and long commutes. The bike will help owners weave through narrow spaces and over rough terrain. Many more expensive bikes do not have the performance of the Vittesse Sprint. The competitor bikes have fewer gears and less value than cheap road bikes for more money.

Vittesse Sprint 21-Speed Alloy Racing Bike is in the cheap road bikes category but has received mixed reviews. Consumers should review the specifications and read the customer comments to determine if the bike is worth the investment.


Vittesse Sprint 21-speed Alloy Racing Bike

Price:  £229.99

Sale:  £160.00

You Save: £69.99 (30%)

Road Bike Reviews

Specifications for the Vittesse Sprint 21-Speed Alloy Racing Bike:

• 700c Alloy Deep-Profiled Rims
• 700c Steel Road Forks
• 22.5 inches Alloy Race Cycle
• 21-Speed Shimano Gears
• Handle-Bar Mounted Rotational Gear Shifters
• Alloy Side-Pull Brakes
• Silver-Line Fast Road Tyres
• Corrosion-Resistant Paint Finish
• Comfortable Padded Sports Saddle
• 100mm Alloy Stem
• Maes-Bend Bars
• Suitable for People with an Inside Leg Measurement of 83cm to 96cm (33 inches to 38 inches)
• Suitable for Ages 12+ Years

Review for Vittesse Sprint 21-Speed Alloy Racing Bike:

The Vittesse Sprint features a 22.5 inch alloy race frame with a high seating position. The bike slows down easily with front and rear pivot brakes. The stopping mechanism is smooth and comfortable for the rider. The efficiency of the ride is increased by the 700c high-profile alloy rims. This means the biker has to expend less energy to go farther. Most bikers enjoy these cheap road bikes for the ease of use. Bikers recommend cheap road bikes for weekend and morning rides.

The seating is comfortable and adjustable. The bike is not recommended for long rides, but the bike can handle many different types of terrain. With the 21-speed shifting gears, bikers can shift fast and enjoy the speeds the bike can reach. Whether commuting or just for fitness, the bike is recommended to people of many different ages and sizes. Even children at the age of 12 and over can enjoy this particular bike.