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Vilano Drift Single Speed Road Bike

Vilano Drift Single Speed Road Bike

Vilano Drift Single Speed Road Bike gearVilano Drift Single Speed Road Bike handlebarVilano Drift Single Speed Road Bike saddle

The Vilano Drift single-speed road bike is a good entry level bike for commuting, leisure bike riding and exercise. Most people who purchase the Vilano Drift are pleased with the performance of the bike. The bike is on the heavier side and weighs 70 pounds, but it is stable and durable. The steel frame and fork will withstand most abuse by riders. The 16T freewheel provides versatility in the ride. The flat handlebars and alloy caliper brakes enable easier handling and responsive stopping times. Many bikers find that Vilano Drift is a good value for the investment.


• Frame – Steel Material
• Crankset – Alloy, Forged
• Fork – Steel Material
• Tires – Low-Profile
• Rims – Double-walled Rims with Machined Sides
• Freewheel – 16T Freewheel
• Brakes – Alloy Caliper
• Handlebar – Flat bar
• Saddle – Vader
• Stem – Alloy
• Pedals – Platform Style



Most people remark that this is an excellent bike for the money. There are few complaints regarding the shipping process, the packaging or the assembly process. The assembly process is fairly easy, and the instructions are easy to follow. The bike is recommended to people considering a bike in this price range.

Many owners of the Vilano Drift single-speed road bike will make some upgrades or parts replacement. The two most common items to replace are the brakes and the seat. Experts recommend upgrading the saddle especially for long distance rides. It is not uncommon for bikers to ride this bike nine miles or more per day. This is a significant distance to be uncomfortable on a bike. Most experts recommend upgrading the saddle.

The brakes should also be changed. Commuters are often in high traffic situations where stopping distances need to be minimized for safety. An upgrade to Tektro brakes or another high-end brand is recommended to ensure the bikers safety during travel. The bike has multiple speeds and can reach higher speeds. Good brakes are recommended for this reason.

The Vilano Drift single-speed road bike is fairly low maintenance so once the items are upgraded, it will last a significant period without continual maintenance. To achieve the highest speeds, many bikers purchase aerobars. These bars help bikers achieve high speeds by tucking their bodies into a low position to improve aerodynamics.

The bike is visually appealing. The standard color scheme is a monochromatic black color. The bike turns heads as it navigates the urban jungle. The only detraction from the appearance and performance would be the tires. Many bikers replace the tires and rim tape to improve the functionality and the appearance.

Overall, Vilano Drift single-speed road bike is an above average bike. Any cycler will appreciate the affordability and features of this bike. A few upgrades will make the joy of ownership better. Compare the Vilano Drift with other bikes in the cheap road bikes class.