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Schwinn Intersection Freewheel Single Speed Road Bike

Schwinn Intersection Freewheel Single Speed Road Bike

Schwinn Intersection Freewheel Single Speed Road BikeSchwinn Intersection Freewheel Single Speed Road Bicycle

The Schwinn Intersection Freewheel single-speed road bike is featured in the cheap road bikes category and delivers a smooth ride to bikers. The smooth ride is made possible by the 16-tooth freewheel and single-speed drivetrain. The pedals and the alloy wheels produced by Aero also play a role in the delivery of a smooth ride. Schwinn Intersection features a light weight aluminum frame and a steel road fork. The bike is also aesthetically pleasing. As bikers cycle through the city, the color-matched rims provide a sleek and sporty look. To keep cycling safer, toe clips are included on the pedals to avoid slippage. In general, bikers can expect a fun and smooth ride with Schwinn Intersection.


o Weight – 41 pounds
o Gear Type – Single-Speed
o Frame – Made of Aluminum
o Rims – High-Profile, Color-Matched with 36-Holes
o Wheels – Made of Alloy with 36-Spokes
o Handle Bars – Drop Style
o Fork – Made of Steel
o Drivetrain – Freewheel, 16-Tooth Single-Speed
o Pedals – Toe Clips and Straps


Schwinn Intersection Freewheel is one of the easiest bikes to assemble and ride. From several customers’ perspectives, the bike is aesthetically pleasing. The paint is durable and provides the bike with a sleek appeal. The bike is sturdy compared to other bikes in its class. The light weight makes it easy to lift for storage and other purposes.

Though the bike has many advantages, there are some disadvantages to the purchase. Most people replace the saddle for increased comfort. The factory-standard seat is uncomfortable to most people. The saddle could not be adjusted to the lowest level because of a rear reflector. This was a source of numerous complaints. With some minor adjustments, the problem was alleviated.

In some instances, the chain guard and the brakes required replacement. The chain guard reportedly made loud noises during travel and was distracting to bikers. Some consumers complained that the brakes were difficult to tighten and were slightly soft.

To prevent flats, cyclers replaced the rim tape. The standard rim tape was prone to causing flats. After the replacement was complete, the problem was alleviated.

Many people spent several hundred dollars upgrading the bike to optimal condition. People who are not willing to invest in this bike will probably be unhappy. The upgrades, maintenance and repairs should be factored into the total cost of the bike to get a true assessment of the cost of ownership.

The bike is only recommended for light cycling a couple hours per week. The bike is not designed to handle rough terrain or long rides. Primarily, bikers should use the bike on smooth terrain in the city. The Schwinn Intersection is not recommended for a commuter bike. Consider the Schwinn Intersection for a good introductory bike.