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Nashbar Hounder Single-Speed Road Bike

Nashbar Hounder Single-Speed Road Bike

Nashbar Hounder Single-Speed Road BikeNashbar Hounder Single-Speed Road Bicycle

The Nashbar Hounder single-speed road bike is designed to deliver a dependable and comfortable ride on city terrain. Many people have used the bike to commute to work or to ride around campus. The bike is also used in leisure riding on trails and for exercise. The bike has flexible riding styles. Flexibility is made possible by the 16T freewheel and fixed cog. The smooth ride is made possible by the single-speed, fixed-gear drivetrain. The brakes are responsive and reliable for most owners of the bike. Overall, Nashbar Hounder is recommended for a good bike in the cheap road bikes category.


• Handlebars – Flat and Upright
• Drivetrain – Single-Speed, Fixed Gear
• Brakes – Tektro Brakes
• Wheels – Alex DC19
• Freewheel – 16T Freewheel
• Cog – Fixed Cog


Most people recommend the Nashbar Hounder for a single-speed road bike. The bike is recommended because it is affordable, it is easy to modify and personalize. Because Nashbar Hounder is made of durable materials, the bike is good for moderate-level riding and commuting, but it will not withstand tremendous abuse.

Many bikers have cycled for 30 miles without any major maintenance issues or repairs. The bikes are fairly durable if used within certain constraints. A person looking for a racing bike will have a hard time adapting to this bike. Consider some other alternatives if racing is the goal of purchasing the bike.

The crank-shaft, for instance, is not made of quality materials and may mal-function if it is ridden too hard. Brake levers are made of plastic and feel “flimsy” to some riders. Many bikers alleviate this problem by replacing the brake levers with a higher quality material. Tires often require replacement also. The inner tubes are prone to deflation. Many people upgrade to better tires and inner tubes for additional safety.

Many people prefer this bike because it is rarely stolen. High end road bikes are stolen more often. Experts recommend purchasing this bike and upgrading. Most people upgrade to better handlebars.

The aesthetic appeal of the bike is not that impressive. Many people upgrade the bike with colored chains, bar wraps and reflective stickers. Colored bottle cages are also popular. This gives the bike more personalized appeal.

When the bike arrives, it is mostly assembled. Most people would say that it is approximately 75 percent assembled. Many people advise others to solicit the help of a local bike shop for help. The mechanically-challenged will find the expense worth the investment.

Overall, the Nashbar Hounder single-speed road bike is a good quality bike. Most people will recommend the bike to the budget-conscious and those people who want to protect their investment from theft. Consider Nashbar Hounder for a future purchase.