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GMC Denali Boy’s 24-Inch Road Bike

GMC Denali Boys 24-Inch Road Bike

GMC Denali BoyGMC Denali Boys 24-Inch Road BikeGMC Denali BoyGMC Denali BoyGMC Denali BoyGMC Denali BoyGMC Denali Boy

The GMC Denali boy’s road bike is designed with growing kids in mind. The 17-inch frame is recommended for smaller kids and is durable enough to withstand the rough terrain. The ride is smooth, and the brakes are responsive. Every aspect of the bike is built to withstand falls, bumps and rough handling. The alloy crankset is sturdy. This allows bikers to ascend hills without significant effort. The handlebars are easy-to-grip, and the twist shifters are strategically placed on the handlebars for easy shifts. The V-profile rims and Kenda tires allow boys to look good while cycling.


• Frame – Aluminum Construction, Lightweight Frame
• Shifters – Shimano Revo Brand, 21-Speed Twist Type
• Wheels – V-Profile
• Tires – Kenda 24-inch
• Derailleurs – Triple Alloy Crank Set


The GMC Denali 24-inch road bike is recommended for transportation or exercise. The bike features an aluminum frame and a steel fork. Bikers can expect precise and smooth shifts with the Shimano brand REVO twist shifters. The bike is recommended only for smooth and flat surfaces. The bike is not designed for mountainous terrain.

The bike may require some work. Most purchasers change out the brakes on the bike for added safety and protection since the standard brakes are not as responsive as most people would like. Tektro dual pivot brakes are popular for this bike. The adjustment may require some drilling and other adjustments.

Many people also change out the brake levers and the handle bars also. The standard handlebars may be difficult for some boys to reach. Parents and young boys change handlebars to allow for better handling of the bike.

In general, the standard parts do not meet the level of quality many prefer. Shimano products are the preferred choice for upgrading. Racing tires are also added by some bikers to deliver a smoother ride.

The Falcon freewheel is also another area of concern. This freewheel is often replaced with a Shimano freewheel. Easily bike owners could spend over $150 on additional parts beyond the cost of the bike. Those who are not up for the adjustments should consider another bike. To make the adjustments, some special tools will be required.

Overall, the bike is a good introductory bike. Most people comment that they like the fact that the bike has a good range of gears. Since there are so few bikes available for boys in this class, the GMC Denali may be the best choice. The GMC Denali is recommended as a good starter bike for boys.