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Dawes Revolver Single Speed, Track, or Fixed Gear Road Bike

Dawes Revolver Track

Dawes Revolver TrackDawes Revolver Single Speed

Cycling with a Dawes Revolver single-speed road bike is truly a pleasure. Many people use this bike in urban city environments to commute to work or to ride leisurely on the weekends. The bike, at its current price, is on the lower end of the cheap road bikes category. The bike is typically pictured in an all black monochromatic color scheme, but the bike is available in other colors. Because it is a single-speed bike, there is no need to worry about shifting gears or skipping gears during the shifting process. The Dawes Revolver is one of the best bikes for this price range.


• Frame – Cr-Mo with Water Bottle Mount
• Crankset – Aluminum Alloy
• Fork – Cr-Mo with Fender Mounts
• Pedals – Alloy Cage to Control Slippage, Resin
• Shifters – Single-Speed, No Shifters
• Front Derailleurs — None
• Rear Derailleurs – None
• Chain – Single-Speed, Designed and Manufactured by KMC
• Tires – Kenda Brand
• Rims – Alex R500
• Saddle – Super Light with Custom Cover
• Brake Levers – Tektro Brand
• Color Choices – Black Matte, Green and Blue
• Stem – Aluminum and Alloy
• Handlebars – Aluminum and Alloy
• Freewheel – 16T Single-Speed
• Weight – 35 pounds


Many people choose the Dawes Revolver single-speed because of the numerous features it offers. It is one of the most versatile bikes in its class. The bike can be used for exercise, leisure riding or commuting. It can even be used as a messenger bike. The bike is recommended for urban terrain because of its light weight construction and thin tires.

The Dawes Revolver features two water bottle mounts and a removable chain guard. Many people have problems with chain guards making too much noise. Removable chain guards are preferred to help eliminate noise that often occurs as the bike ages.

The bike is not the lightest weight bike in the cheap road bikes class, but it can be lifted easily for storage. The light weight frame is made of aluminum and alloy. The light weight material also makes it easier to maneuver and travel at faster speeds.

The brakes features are made by Tektro. These brakes are typically reliable and do not require replacement except at regular maintenance intervals. Most bikers make some minor adjustments to the brakes and ride the bike as-is. Brakes are especially important to people using the bike in a commuter or bike messenger situation. These people may want to pay special attention to the brakes to ensure the brakes will perform in high traffic situations.

Overall, the Dawes Revolver is good bike for the price. Since very few parts are standard, there are not a lot of upgrades required. Consider how the Dawes Revolver can improve your exercise regimen or commute to work.