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GMC Denali Road Bike

Cheap Road Bikes Reviews

GMC Denali Medium FrameGMC Denali on the roadGMC Denali Road Bike-whiteGMC Denali FrameGMC Denali Road BikeGMC Denali Road Bicycle

The GMC Denali Road Bike is made of lightweight aluminum and is used for racing and commuting. Though in the class of cheap road bikes, the GMC Denali Road Bike features Vitesse racing rims and high performance 700c tires.

Not only is GMC Denali equipped for racing, but the bike also features short stopping distances. The brakes are responsive thanks to advanced levers and alloy calipers. Bikers can easily change gears with the Shimano derailleur and Shimano Revo. An alloy water bottle cage is featured on the bike to help the biker remain hydrated.


The GMC Denali Road Bike is characterized by the following specifications:

• Weight — 29.0 lbs
• Brakes – Promax Alloy Caliper Brake
• Rims — Vitesse Alloy Black Rims
• Brake levers — Promax Aluminum
• Tires — Black Kenda With Grey Band
• Frame — Straight Gauge Aluminum 7005
• Fork — GMC Series 7000 steel
• Chain — KMC Z 51
• Crankset — Prowheel Alloy
• Front Derailleur — Shimano
• Rear Derailleur — Shimano RD-TZ30GS 7SPD
• Shifters — Shimano Revo SIS L2/R7
• Stem — Black Aluminum EXT
• Handlebar– Maesbend W
• Saddle — Black Cionlli
• Seat post — HL Aluminum with Micro Adjust
• Pedals –Plastic Body with Steel Cage


Performance of GMC Denali Road Bike. This bike performs well in racing situations according to customers and other road bike reviews. GMC Denali handles long distances well also. Though the bike is durable, paved surfaces are recommended. The tires are thin and are 29 inches in diameter. Bikers can get into an aerodynamic position to increase their speeds with the unique positioning of the drop bars. The gears allow for easy and smooth shifting.

This bike is within the entry level to mid-range level. The light aluminum frame helps the bike to travel easily and withstand the challenging terrain. The front suspension is fairly good on this GMC Denali Road Bike. The frame of the bike will accommodate a person who is 6 feet in height.

When the bike is shipped, it comes in a cardboard box. The steering column, seat, pedals, reflectors and front tire must be assembled. Once the bike is assembled, the brakes should be adjusted and the gears should be fine tuned. To assemble the bike, many purchasers required wrenches of different types, pliers and screwdrivers. People who are not technically inclined will become frustrated by the process. The process is not difficult, but many purchasers of the bike end up at the bike shop searching for brake adjustments and gear.

Schwinn Men’s Prelude Bicycle

Cheap Road Bikes

Schwinn-Mens-Prelude BicycleSchwinn Mens Prelude BicycleSchwinn MenSchwinn MenSchwinn MenSchwinn Men

The Schwinn Men’s Prelude Bike is recommended to consumers for commuting or fitness. Schwinn Prelude is in the cheap road bikes category, but has some features that will rival the more expensive bikes. According to some road bike reviews, the bike is responsive. This is in part due to the A050 shifters present on the bike.

The aluminum road frame features drop handle bars and what is described as a “forgiving” road fork. Compared to other cheap road bikes, this 14-speed bike can reach incredible speeds. Bikers can use the included clips and pedal straps to keep the feet on the pedals. When every aspect of the bike is aligned, efficiency can be increased. Dual pivot brakes, alloy levers, a Schwinn road saddle and a kickstand can increase functionality of cheap road bikes like the Schwinn Prelude. The 700c alloy wheels are also coveted by bikers.


• 14-Speed
• Wheel Size — 700c
• Size — 55 Inches
• Aluminum Drop Bar Road Frame
• Crank — Alloy 42/52-tooth Road Crank
• Bottom Bracket– Ball Bottom Bracket System
• Derailleur — Road Double
• Shifters — Bar Mounted Shimano
• Chain — Black KMC Z-51
• Tires — 700 x 25c Road
• Rim Size — 700C
• Rims — Alloy Rims
• Hubs — 36-hole QR Alloy Hubs
• Spokes — Black 14-gram Spokes
• Brake Levers — Alloy Road
• Handlebar — Road Shallow Drop
• Pedals — Road with Toe Clip and Strap
• Brakes — Dual Pivot Road
• Grips — Color Matched Foam Wrap
• Saddle — Schwinn Padded Road
• Stem — Schwinn Road Ahead
• Headset — 1 1/8-inch threadless
• Seatpost — 27.2 Alloy
• Color Matched Parts
• Clear Coated Paint and Graphics
• Toe Clips and Straps
• Kickstand


Schwinn is often one of the cheap road bikes of choice because it is easily upgradeable and serviceable. The Prelude is light-weight and durable. The wheels and frame are well-designed and constructive. Only under extreme exposure to rough terrain does the bike break down. The shifts are smooth and reliable.

The derailleur only works consistently on the lowest six gears, even though the bike is 14-speeds. The bike requires some effort to properly assemble and adjust the bike. Most people simply take the bike to the local bike store to avoid the frustration of assembling the bike.

Many owners of the Schwinn Men’s Prelude Bike consider the bike comparable to a $700 bike. Consumers prefer to pay $250 or less for this bike rather than investing $700 in another bike with only a few additional features. Cheap road bikes are plentiful, but Schwinn Men’s Prelude Bike is one of the best in its class.

Woodworm White Lightning Road Racing Bike

Road Bike Reviews

Woodworm White Lightning Road Racing Bike GearWoodworm White Lightning Road Racing Bike

Woodworm White Lightning Road Racing Bike is built for the open road. The Woodword road bike is in the class of cheap road bikes. According to road bike reviews, Woodword road bike features a lightweight frame that is both durable and strong. When the bike is on the road, it performs well. The bike was truly built for speed and performance. Woodword road bike features components from quality manufacturers such as Shimano, Zoom and KMC.

Woodworm White Lightning road bike was built to meet the EN 14766 safety standards. This bike ensures the construction is quality enough to prevent accidents due to malfunctions. Any person who buys cheap road bikes without this qualification will run the risk of suffering an accident when traveling fast downhill or when in traffic. These accidents could prove fatal.

Price: £399.99
Sale: £169.99
You Save: £230.00





• Frame – Frame with Steel Suspension
• Wheels — Alloy rims
• Safety Features– Reflectors, Bell and Pedal Reflectors
• Gears — 18 Speed Shimano
• Gear Shifters — Falcon
• Brakes — Front and Rear V Brake
• Forks – Steel 700c, ZOOM Suspension Fork
• Kickstand — Middle Steel Kickstand
• 17 inch Frame or 18.5 inch Frame
• 24 inch Wheels or 26 inch Wheels
• Chain – KMC Z33
• Shifter – Shimano, Front Derailleur (Three Speed), Rear Derailleur (Six Speed)
• Stem – ZOOM Alloy
• Grips – Black EVA


The Woodworm White Lightning Road Racing Bike is built primarily for riders between the heights of five feet and nine inches and six feet and one inch. To make the ride more comfortable when traveling over rough terrain, a dual suspension frame is included. Even though the Woodworm is in the cheap road bikes class, the bike shifts smoothly and has incredible control. The 18-Speed Shimano gears facilitate this process.

The brakes meet safety standards. The powerful front and rear brakes help bikers stop fast. Many bikers are seeking responsiveness in cheap road bikes. The MTB Style saddle has a quick release mechanism for quick adjustments, removal and assembly.

The handlebar height is also adjustable. The handlebar also features soft grip technology to allow for a more comfortable ride. The tyres perform well on all terrains and have superior tread. The tyres perform well on the road and off the road.

Dawes Revolver Single Speed, Track, or Fixed Gear Road Bike

Dawes Revolver Track

Dawes Revolver TrackDawes Revolver Single Speed

Cycling with a Dawes Revolver single-speed road bike is truly a pleasure. Many people use this bike in urban city environments to commute to work or to ride leisurely on the weekends. The bike, at its current price, is on the lower end of the cheap road bikes category. The bike is typically pictured in an all black monochromatic color scheme, but the bike is available in other colors. Because it is a single-speed bike, there is no need to worry about shifting gears or skipping gears during the shifting process. The Dawes Revolver is one of the best bikes for this price range.


• Frame – Cr-Mo with Water Bottle Mount
• Crankset – Aluminum Alloy
• Fork – Cr-Mo with Fender Mounts
• Pedals – Alloy Cage to Control Slippage, Resin
• Shifters – Single-Speed, No Shifters
• Front Derailleurs — None
• Rear Derailleurs – None
• Chain – Single-Speed, Designed and Manufactured by KMC
• Tires – Kenda Brand
• Rims – Alex R500
• Saddle – Super Light with Custom Cover
• Brake Levers – Tektro Brand
• Color Choices – Black Matte, Green and Blue
• Stem – Aluminum and Alloy
• Handlebars – Aluminum and Alloy
• Freewheel – 16T Single-Speed
• Weight – 35 pounds


Many people choose the Dawes Revolver single-speed because of the numerous features it offers. It is one of the most versatile bikes in its class. The bike can be used for exercise, leisure riding or commuting. It can even be used as a messenger bike. The bike is recommended for urban terrain because of its light weight construction and thin tires.

The Dawes Revolver features two water bottle mounts and a removable chain guard. Many people have problems with chain guards making too much noise. Removable chain guards are preferred to help eliminate noise that often occurs as the bike ages.

The bike is not the lightest weight bike in the cheap road bikes class, but it can be lifted easily for storage. The light weight frame is made of aluminum and alloy. The light weight material also makes it easier to maneuver and travel at faster speeds.

The brakes features are made by Tektro. These brakes are typically reliable and do not require replacement except at regular maintenance intervals. Most bikers make some minor adjustments to the brakes and ride the bike as-is. Brakes are especially important to people using the bike in a commuter or bike messenger situation. These people may want to pay special attention to the brakes to ensure the brakes will perform in high traffic situations.

Overall, the Dawes Revolver is good bike for the price. Since very few parts are standard, there are not a lot of upgrades required. Consider how the Dawes Revolver can improve your exercise regimen or commute to work.

Aluminum Road Bike / Commuter Shimano 21 Speed Bicycle 700c

This aluminum road bike is excellent value for the money. The list price was $499.95 but now it’s on sale for less than $200. The bike features a 6061 aluminum frame which is amazingly lightweight. There are some significant upgrades made to the 2013 model – upgraded Shimano thumb shifter and upgraded brakes.

The bike is often pictured in black but it is available in blue, white and champagne as well. It is available in 3 sizes. The bike is recommended to consumers mostly for commuting.

Aluminum Road Bike / Commuter Shimano 21 Speed Bicycle 700c
Frame: 6061 Aluminum
Shifters: Shimano A050 Thumb Rear indexed 7-speed, Front Friction 3-speed
Seatpost: Alloy
Brakes: Alloy Caliper
Wheels: 700C Double Walled Alloy
Brakes: Dual brake levers
Pedals: Free platform pedals included
Saddle: Urban Commuter
Handlebar: Alloy
Stem: Alloy 7° Rise
Weight: 45 pounds


According to amazon reviews the bike comes in a quite impressive packaging. Assembling is quite easy. You will not even need the instructions. There’s no need assemble the gears or to run the brake lines.

This is a great bike for someone who wants to get into road bikes. It’s a great entry level road bike along with GMC Denali Road Bike, Vilano Drift Single Speed Road Bike and others.

The frame itself costs $150. The brakes and tires are cheap so it would be wise to have them upgraded. You might want to consider upgrading the tires with Vittoria Zaffiro II Wire (700x25c) and the brakes with Pyramid Dual Pivot(better stopping power). If you want to save yourself the hassle to change the cheap parts you can check out the Schwinn Men’s Prelude Bicycle.

Buying accessories is a great way to enhance your experience.
You can wrap  the front wheel or frame to a post or bike rack with Avenir Tightrope Cables.
Getting Ultra Bike Club will make running errands even easier. It will help you hold backpack and shopping items.

Overall most customers are very pleased with this cheap road bike. It rides great and is perfect to get around with.